Stay Awake

Heading home from Birmingham in the dark reminds me of many late night and often all night drives from North Carolina to Florida when I was in college. While late night travel is no longer my favorite, I used to love driving at night because there was less traffic and I wouldn’t waste any of my well deserved vacation.

Even after a full day of classes, I was so anxious to get on the road that I didn’t hesitate to drive twelve hours or more. However, I never tackled a late night drive alone, and while I never expected or wanted anyone else to take a driving shift, I did expect EVERYONE in the car to keep their eyes open for the entire trip.

As the signs along the highway warn, Drowsy Driving Causes Crashes.


A driver is much less likely to nod off behind the wheel with one or more passengers talking, singing or telling jokes. Interactions with others not only helps the driver stay awake, it makes the time pass more quickly.

If you’re driving, don’t get behind the wheel if you’re tired. But it’s just as important to do your part as a passenger. No napping…when in the car, stay awake.



By the way, this rule does not apply to children. Traveling with sleeping children is always a good thing.

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