TBT Lesson #81

As we decorated our Christmas tree last week, we hung the University of Miami mascot ornament of Sebastian front and center. Our tree does not have traditional glass balls or glittery stars. Instead it’s decorated with ornaments collected during vacations or in recognition of special events. A sea turtle, an orca, a bat, the Jackson County Courthouse, bear bells and the First Presbyterian Church are a few examples of ornaments that commemorate events from the past 36 years.

Our Sebastian ornament is a throwback to the days when he donned a pipe and sailor hat. This old school Sebastian was especially appropriate since it was added the Christmas after the Hurricanes first national championship under Howard Schnelleberger, a coach also known for his pipe. Sebastian’s pipe was phased out in the 1990’s so as not to encourage the use of tobacco by young fans, but we enjoy seeing him reappear every December.


TBT Lesson #81: With or without a pipe, he’s still a symbol of loyalty. The ibis is always the last to leave and the first to return during a hurricane.

My meteorologist husband has issued a hurricane warning: a Category 5 is on the horizon.

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