2015 in Review

The inspiration for this blog came Mother’s Day weekend in 2012 when none of my daughters could answer the question posed in the newspaper, “What advice have you received from your mom?” The year 2015 marks the third full year of writing Mom’s Monday Memo, and since its inception in November of 2012, I’ve written more than 160 weekly reminders of advice on Mondays. I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a Monday and while themes repeat, each week provides a different tip or reminder. Now on the last Monday of the year, it’s time to implement a practice of effective teachers: a review. So let’s take a look back at the Monday Memos from 2015:

Fight the Flu

Treat Yourself Like Your BFF

Make a Good First Impression

Trash It!

Set the Reset Button

Don’t Obsess Over the Weather

Don’t Put Soda in the Freezer

Check Your Order

Let Someone Carry Your Bags

Grab a Bag

Carry Your Insurance Card

Don’t Eat At Your Desk

Above All, Love Each Other Deeply


Carry ID…Always

Make a Medical Kit

Take a Deep Breath…and Bring Headphones – airport survival

Avoid Distractions – driving tips


There’s a Pass for That – park, museum passes

Organize Your Important Papers

Buckle Up 

June 1st Hurricane Reminders

Back it Up

Listen Grandma

Follow Your Brain Instead of Your Heart

Don’t be a Distracted Hiker

Know Your Foreign Currency

Recycle That Computer

Don’t be a Control Freak

Register for Do Not Call

Fill ‘er Up and Check Your Car

Take a Daycation


Don’t Forget to Live in the Moment

Renew Someone’s Faith in Humanity

Check for Ticks

Pitch a Tent

Go Fishing!

Make a Fall Bucket List

Designate a Meeting Spot

Cut the Tags

Wear an Apron

Don’t Forget a Map

Stay to the End of the Game

Invest in a Good Mattress

Don’t be an Idiot or Maniac 

Please…No Tablet Cameras

Prepare for Christmas

Family Comes First


Record Serial Numbers

Stay Awake

And remember, it’s always good to review information so that you make it an automatic part of your life.





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