Food for Thought

I love this time of year…grapefruit season. Most mornings from November through March we start the day with a grapefruit freshly picked from one of the trees in our yard. As much as we enjoy our fruit trees, we haven’t made a commitment to planting a garden and growing our food from farm to table.


So when this morning’s fishing trip a  couple hundred yards from the house resulted in catching enough bass for lunch, I couldn’t help but think about how strange it seems to eat two meals in a single day consisting of food that didn’t make a stop at the grocery before being served on our table.


However, I don’t expect the trend to continue for dinner unless we’re able to shoot a squirrel. But do we need a license for that? And how do you clean and cook squirrel?

I think those are questions I don’t really want answered. A trip to Publix sounds like a better idea.

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