It’s Veterans’ Day: Buy a Wreath

Veterans’ Day, the perfect day to order a Christmas wreath for home and for our National Cemeteries so I’m reposting last year’s blog on Wreaths across America.

Last week I received an email from Meghan encouraging me to purchase a Christmas wreath from Wreaths Across America and decided I should share it today, Veterans’ Day, so others can take advantage of this opportunity. Her message:

I know that every year you all hear me go on and on about how much I love my wreath so I figured I’d share it with you this year. I get the wreath from the organization Wreaths Across America. They collect sponsorships to be able to lay wreaths on the headstones of Vets at military cemeteries across the country. Jon and I attended this event a few years ago at Florida National Cemetery and it was really cool to see wreaths on so many headstones.

Meghan recommends purchasing the Patriot Pair. For $30, a wreath (with a door hanger) will be delivered to your house and a second wreath will be sent to Arlington or another of our National Cemeteries to be laid on a headstone. Another option is to purchase a Personal Remembrance Wreath. For $20, you’ll receive a wreath with a door hanger delivered to your house, however, this option doesn’t provide a second wreath for a headstone.

Meghan insists that the wreaths which are delivered the first weekend of December lasted throughout the holiday season and that their fresh aroma remained until New Year’s Day when she took down her Christmas decorations. (And she was right…we received a beautiful fresh wreath that lasted until January last year.)

Veteran’s Day is the perfect time to order one or more wreaths from Wreaths Across America as a way to say thank you to our country’s veterans, and since this year’s wreath laying will take place on December 12th, you don’t want to delay or you’ll miss out on this opportunity.

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