Invest in a Good Mattress

One of the most difficult things for me to spend money on is a mattress. It’s not like dining room furniture or living room furniture or even furniture on the porch that’s visible and used by guests. In fact, I only see my mattress when I change the sheets.

But after years of sleeping on lousy mattresses, I’ve learned my lesson. A good night’s sleep requires an investment of more than a couple hundred dollars. If you haven’t figured this out yet, it’s not really your fault. When the mattress companies advertise their products focusing on low prices how are you to know that $299 and up or $499 and under (two ads I saw today) will not be a good purchase for a bed you plan to sleep on every night. It may be appropriate for a guest room used only occasionally but not for the one item in your house you’ll use more hours per day than any other.


I finally woke up to this fact when my best night’s sleep always occurred at the Doubletree in Coconut Grove. I wanted to sleep that soundly every night, not just the few nights I spent away from home each year.

Did you know you can buy your favorite hotel mattress online? That’s what we did, but this is much more expensive than the bargains advertised. And absolutely worth it!

Buying a mattress that you’ve been able to test drive at a hotel is a great option, but if you haven’t found one at a hotel, make sure you try it out at the store before buying. Experts suggest you lay on a mattress at least fifteen minutes to test it for comfort. Since studies show that most people know after the first night if they’ve made a good choice, it’s also suggested that you look for money back comfort guarantees offered by many companies. And take advantage of the comfort promise if you aren’t satisfied.


Even though that expensive mattress will be hidden under a pad, sheets, a blanket and comforter do yourself a favor and splurge on a bed that makes sleeping easy.



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