Wear an Apron

This summer Meghan told me a story about one of her friends burning her stomach while wearing her bathing suit while frying bacon. She knew that would bring a smile to my face because I’ve said more than once, a bathing suit does not make good cooking attire.

Like Meghan’s friend, my mom would leave the pool to step inside and prepare lunch. On most days it wasn’t a problem, but when she decided to make BLT sandwiches, she too had problems with the popping bacon grease. One solution: get dressed before cooking, but at least put on an apron.


Even when you’re not wearing swimwear, it makes sense to wear an apron while cooking.

  • You’ll protect your clothing from grease splatters, tomato sauce and other food spills.
  • You’ll have pockets so you can find measuring spoons, scissors or other items frequently misplaced.

And aprons aren’t only for cooking…they’re great for crafting and building projects. Just make sure you choose the right apron for the project!


In fact, aprons can even be classy wedding attire.

It’s time to bring back this useful but underused piece of clothing. Wear an apron!

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