Cut the Tags

Emily’s Facebook post last Wednesday served as inspiration for this week’s memo:

When you go in public and forget to take tags and stickers off new clothes. Then you realize you’ve already worn that jacket 4 times, and the sticker is still on it. 😁

I’ve shopped more, recently, than I have in years. It seems retirement requires a whole new wardrobe: new bathing suits, athletic socks, a blouses, a fleece vest. And fortunately, I have not walked out with tags or stickers on any of these items, but that hasn’t always been the case.


This seems to be a family problem. I remember going to work with one of those long stickers on my pants announcing my size to the entire class. Fortunately, students are anxious to point out this kind of problem so I never walked around with the tag for more than a few hours. But another time, Sarah came home from middle school upset because we let her go out of the house with the same type of sticker on her pants, and she did not appreciate the not so friendly reminders from her classmates.

My suggestion to solve this problem is pretty simple. Cut the tags off all new clothing immediately after removing them from the shopping bag when you get home. It’s probably a good idea to save the tags a few days in case a return is necessary, but get home, unload your shopping bags, cut off all tags and put the clothing away. That way when you’re half asleep trying to get dressed for work you won’t leave home with tags shouting, NEW CLOTHING.

However, if you choose not to take this advice and get caught in public displaying your tags, laugh it off. Or if it happens to a friend or coworker, make sure you point out the problem in a friendly, nonthreatening way so he or she doesn’t walk around showing off their tags for additional wearings.

Avoid the shopping tag embarrassment and get in the habit of cutting the tags when you unpack your bags.






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