Chasing the Moon

Photo of blood moon taken by John.

We decided to stay an extra night at Acadia National Park when we learned that Sunday, September 27th was to be the night of the blood moon.

I captured the rising moon over Bar Harbor on Saturday evening after dinner, and on our way back to the campground we made plans for joining the park ranger at Sand Beach the following night for the eclipse.

Photo by Dee

What better place to watch the total eclipse of the full moon than over the ocean on a cool, clear night in Maine.

Photos by Dee

However, Sunday night was more COLD than cool and with 20mph winds, we scratched the beach plan and instead parked overlooking the Atlantic and The Thrumcap adjacent to the Sieur de Monts entrance.


Sitting in the car and out of the wind, we were able to watch the changes over a three hour period from full moon

Photos by John

to blood moon.

Photo by John

A moon worth chasing.

John’s photos were taken with a Canon G16 through the lens of a spotting scope.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! We weren’t able to see it at all back here in Ocala due to heavy cloud cover. Thanks for sharing.

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