Designate a Meeting Spot

I can only think of about a half dozen times when your dad and I were truly angry with one another. During our return trip to Acadia National Park we began to reminisce about one of those occasions.

While we don’t agree on the details, I think we were at the beach and he thinks we were at Thunder Hole, and we both believe that we were with you girls and the other was alone; nevertheless we agree that we were frantically looking for one another for more than forty-five minutes.

Hard to believe this beach was so packed with people we couldn't find each other. The difference between July and September.
Hard to believe this beach was so packed with people we couldn’t find each other. The difference between July and September.

Since I’m writing, this is my version of the story. I remember being at Sand Beach on a very crowded day. It seems people in the Northeast think swimming in icy cold water is an enjoyable summer activity. So I remember taking you girls to the restroom and then returning to the beach to meet Dad. When he wasn’t there we sat down and waited for maybe fifteen minutes, but when he still hadn’t returned we set off to find him.

Over the course of the next half hour we walked up and down the beach looking for him while he was doing the same thing. Finally, we found one another and both started in on the other with “where have you been…I’ve been looking all over for you…I was worried when you didn’t come back.”

Apparently, he thought we were meeting at the restroom so after waiting for awhile, he also started walking the beach making it difficult for us to find one another. By the time I returned to the restroom he’d returned to the beach leading to the confusion.

Needless to say, we were both more worried than angry, but by the time we were all reunited, anger was the only emotion we could express.


One reason this rarely happened is because we designate a place to meet when we go separate directions and plan a meeting place in case someone gets lost – like in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney or at the registration area at a 5k race.

A little planning reduces a lot of stress when you’re in a crowd and lose contact with a friend or family member. I know, cell phones have made it easier to locate one another, but I was reminded this week that cell phones aren’t always the answer as visitors in Acadia were frustrated at their inability to find members of their group when calls and texts didn’t go through in the many “no service” areas of the park and we all know someone who lets the battery on their phone die at the most inopertune times.

Save yourself from worry and anger…designate a meeting spot.



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  1. I remember that day very well and I agree with your version of events. Looking back, I’m surprised that you all didn’t establish a meeting place.

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