It’s Grandparents’ Day: Send a Selfie

I’m unsure how Grandparents’ Day should be celebrated since no such day existed when I was growing up. In fact, it wasn’t until about ten or fifteen years ago that I even knew a day to recognize grandparents existed.

I remember when asking why there were so many adults eating in the cafeteria being told that the kindergarten classes were celebrating Grandparents’ Day. (You can always count on kindergarten teachers to recognize new holidays and find ways to teach their students to use their newly acquired writing skills to make cards.)

Then my parents started going to school with my nieces and nephews in early September for special events organized by their schools. Grandparents’ Day was an actual event listed on the calendar for the first Sunday in September following Labor Day.

My parents with all but two of their grandchildren.

I’m not sure grandparents are really looking for gifts on this occasion, but I’m sure they’d enjoy any excuse for contact from their grandchildren. So if you don’t see them in person today, drop a note in the mail, make a call, send a text or I’d like to see a new tradition started by my parents’ grandchildren…send a selfie…that guarantees up-to-date pictures of grandchildren will always be as easy to find as the cell phone.

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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