TBT Lesson #66

In June of 2007 we gathered to celebrate my parents’ 50th anniversary. My brother, sister and I along with our spouses planned a weekend of fun, games, food and best of all storytelling. We’re a family that appreciates a good story, even if it evolves every time it’s shared.

Fortunately, eleven of fourteen grandchildren were able to get together that weekend, no easy task with teens and young adults. Of course that meant posing for lots of group pictures.

A lot has happened since this cousin picture was taken:

5 high school graduations

6 college graduations

4 weddings

No more elementary or middle school students. All are in high school, college or have graduated to the world of work. How fast they grow up!


TBT Lesson #66: While posing for pictures is no fun, smile and be patient. You’ll appreciate the photo and the memories in a few short years.

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  1. I always loved that picture! Can’t wait until our 60th anniversary celebration in 2017. Should be a much larger crowd in attendance including all the grandchildrens’ spouses and even great-grands,

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