Ready for Erika?

With Tropical Storm Erika in the news, it seems appropriate to repost this hurricane preparation reminder. Modified from June 2, 2014.

I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s time to prepare for hurricane season. It’s been eleven years since we’ve felt the impact of a hurricane, and ten years since we’ve HAD to prepare, however, that doesn’t mean preparation isn’t a good idea.

Image from NOAA; Friday, 8/28, 8:00AM

Last year at this time, I encouraged you to prepare for hurricane season, but it’s time for a repeat:

Get cash.
Fill your car with gas.
Buy water.
Prepare a first-aid kit.
Get a phone charger for your car.
Prepare for darkness.
Check out your battery operated radio.
Stock up on paper products, cleaning products, and personal care products.
Organize important papers, some clothing, and other items in case you need to leave.
Plan for pets.
Waiting until the last minute to prepare for a storm is stressful and expensive. That’s why I recommend you start preparing early. This is the time to check and replace your flashlights and batteries, but you may also want to buy gas cans, lanterns, or ice chests if yours need to be replaced.

It’s also a good idea to start putting away cash in case a hurricane comes your way. Without electricity you won’t be able to use the ATM so cash is essential. By setting aside $50 in cash every time you get paid, you should have a good start on collecting cash needed, and if there’s no storm this year, you can use this money for Christmas shopping or a weekend getaway.

Check out my memo from last year, It’s Hurricane Season or the American Red Cross Hurricane Preparation for more tips.

I’m hoping Erika turns out to be a dud and for a quiet hurricane season, but as my mom always says, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”!

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