Preparing for Family Weekend

The first weekend in August has been designated as “Family Weekend” or as John calls it, “Mandatory Family Fun”.

This is the fifth year of gathering for a weekend of time together and the first year we’ll be meeting at a location other than the lake. Since Sarah graduates this weekend from UNF earning an MHA (Master of Health Administration), our reunion was moved to Jacksonville.


Shopping completed. Boat and fishing gear readied. Bags packed. Bicycles loaded. And the most important job: food prepared. We’re hoping to reduce the amount of time spent cooking by doing some advance preparation.

Ham baked. Lasagna. Mac and cheese. Three types of salsa ready for evenings on the patio overlooking the river.


We’re all looking forward to plenty of good food and drink as well as time in the pool, playing games, watching movies, soaking in the sun, fishing, walking, bike riding, and relaxing. But best of all…spending time together for some family fun.


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