Register for Do Not Call

Several years ago, I registered my home phone number with the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call registry to eliminate calls from telemarketers and within a few weeks, these annoying calls stopped. At the time, telemarketers were prohibited from calling cell phone numbers so we received no sales calls from cemeteries selling burial plots, no calls from heat and ac companies wanting to schedule unnecessary service and no calls from companies wanting to install “free” home security systems.

Nothing lasts forever, and the past few weeks I’ve been inundated by sales calls, but this time they’re coming to my cell phone. The prohibition regarding cell phones is no longer in place so telemarketers are having a field day…but, not for long.

I’ve registered not only my home phone, but my cell phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry which promises to reduce the unwanted sales calls. According to the Federal Trade Commission’s website, registered numbers appear on the Do Not Call list the day following registration, but it may take up to 31 days for all sales calls to be stopped.

Unfortunately, political calls, charitable calls, information calls and telephone survey calls are not covered and can still be made to your number since the Do Not Call list applies only to sales calls, but at least this is a start.

To add your number to the Do Not Call list, dial 888-382-1222 or visit The process is quick and easy, but if you use the website, make sure you complete part 2 of the process by opening the emails that will be sent and clicking on the included link to verify your request.

Take control of your phone and register for Do Not Call today.



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