Life is Better at the Lake

With traveling and bicycling and visiting lighthouses, it’s easy to forget to enjoy time at home. Last night we decided to get an early start so we can have some lake time before the “80% chance of rain and thunderstorms” arrived.


No sleeping in. No reading. No writing. No computers. Instead, we put on bathing suits and sunscreen and started the day with a boat ride followed by a swim, if that’s what you call hanging onto inflatable rafts and floating in the lake. John even turned salvager, digging up a board, a wooden post and a toy boat he played with as a child…quite surprised to find that plastic PT-109 boat after all these years.


Time for a little shade and lunch. Time to soak in every drop of life at the lake.


Now we’re just waiting for a little wind so we can go for a sail before the predicted rain and storms roll in.


7 thoughts on “Life is Better at the Lake

  1. Ahhhhh….retirement is SO tough!!! Sounds like an awesome day!!! Enjoy!!! I’ll keep the rain in town for you two!!!

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