Recycle that computer!

One of many challenges when moving was the proper disposal of old electronics including both desktop and laptop computers, cell phones and TV’s. We no longer had the luxury of storing obsolete items behind closet doors, however we wanted to make sure they didn’t simply end up at the landfill either. So, with a little research, we found the date for the county’s electronic recycling event and marked our calendar to take advantage of the opportunity to dispose of a trunkful of electronics.


And finally we were able to safely get rid of items we’ve needed to dispose of for a couple of years. It feels good to not only free up space in the garage but to also know everything was disposed of properly.

image After we returned home, I remembered an app on my phone, iRecycle (available for both iPhones and Android phones), which claims to list local sites to recycle everything. I updated the app and realized we could have dropped off these electronics at many nearby locations most any day. No need to wait for the county recycling event.

While it’s not as easy to recycle electronics as other household items, it’s important to do so. Look for electronics recycling events sponsored by the local government, or better yet, download iRecycle, so you can find where to recycle everything.




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