Sports Cliche’ Week

In honor of the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star game, this week has been designated Sports Cliche’ Week. From the opening pitch:

It’s a beautiful day for baseball.


To the final glib statement:

Baseball’s played between the lines.

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I bet you hear dozens of baseball cliche’s during the course of this week’s all star game. In fact, it may be fun to see how many of the following cliche’s are uttered from the mouths of the announcers.

Baseball Cliche’s

He’s got the batters eating out of his hand.
He’s pitching a gem.
He’s pitching lights out.
He’s really throwing some heat.
He can overpower the hitters.
His fastball is really working for him.
He took something off that pitch.
He’s got good mechanics.
He’s capable of going the distance.
This is shaping up to be a real pitchers duel.
This game is a slugfest.
He’s trying to pitch out of a jam.
He uncorked a wild pitch.
Joe is going to try and settle him down.
Stick a fork in him — he’s done.
They got to him early.
They got to him early and often.
He’s getting shelled.
He’s been relegated to the bullpen.
He’s been roughed up in his last four outings.
He hasn’t been getting the run support.
He’s in a slump and he’s pressing.
You can’t steal first base.
He was caught napping.
There’s the insurance run.
That really helped his cause.  (Said after a pitcher scores a run)
They’ve exploded for six runs here in the eighth inning.
They had a six run outburst in the eighth inning.
They have to manufacture some runs.
They have to step up their run production.
Three up, three down.
Swing and a miss.
Good cut.
He was swinging for the fence.
He chased a bad pitch.
Here’s the payoff pitch.
This could be two. (Announcer anticipating a double-play.)
The ball took a bad hop.
That ball should be playable.
This one could be trouble.
He was on his horse to catch that one.
He got a good jump.
The tying run is at the plate.
The tying run is 90 feet away.
They are one strike away.
He can tie it up with one swing of the bat.
He has to wait for his pitch.
He’s seeing the ball well.
He’s a tough out.
He’s a contact hitter.
He hit that ball squarely. (How do you hit a round ball with a round bat — squarely?)
He really got ahold of that one.
He was all over that pitch.
He hit that one right on the screws.
He hit a towering line drive.
That was a good piece of hitting.
In any other ballpark, that’s a homerun.
He hit a solo-shot back in the third inning.
There’s a four-base blast.
Touch ’em all!
He hit a bullet.
He hit a rocket.
He hit a laser shot.
He tatooed that one.
He crushed it.
He sent that one into orbit.
Kiss that one goodbye — it’s outta here!

Enjoy the game, cliche’s and all.

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