Follow your brain instead of your heart

When I stopped at the Budget Rental Car desk, the clerk offered a choice of a Nissan Altima or a VW Beetle. The decision was easy, I took the Beetle. I love the Beetle.

I like the way they look. I like the way they handle. I like the roomy interior (at least in the front seat).


I know the Beetle well since I’ve had two of them. My first Beetle was a used car, and I enjoyed it so much that two years later, I bought a new one making us a two Beetle family…one for me and one for Emily when she turned 16.

However, what a mistake! Not long after the second Beetle was purchased, the repairs on the first started. Not big things, but everything had to be done by the dealer. Changing a battery or a headlight couldn’t be done by the owner. And don’t dare use a non-VW part. Nothing’s compatible.

Break downs on the Interstate. Towed vehicles. A headlight that fell out while driving down the road. AAA the best investment ever as an owner of a Beetle.

Nevertheless, I was immediately attracted to the “new” New Beetle. (The new beetle from the early 2000s is no longer in production…I wonder why?)

Since we’re in the market for a car, I looked up the reviews of this new and improved version of the car I love and found bad news…rated one of the worst cars in its class by Consumer Reports. I won’t make this mistake again. Car buying needs to be guided by research not by emotion. It’s time to get facts, read reviews, find a quality, reliable vehicle and then make a purchase based on what my brain tells me, not what my heart says.

Buying a car is a big purchase, follow your brain instead of your heart.



4 thoughts on “Follow your brain instead of your heart

  1. I can give you a wonderful review of the Prius (roomy in the front & back seats). Of course I’ve had it for less than a year so I’m not sure how valuable my review is. Dad has driven it. You should try it next time I’m in town.

  2. Dee Ann, I “fell” for a Mini Cooper a few years ago. It completely stole my heart, fortunately the reviews were good. We are still together, very happy. Love the look and the way it drives. Sorry about the Beetle, I love the look of it too.

    1. We were just talking about the Mini Cooper. Love the look, but question whether it’s big enough. Glad to hear you’ve had good luck with yours. Maybe it’s time to revisit the Mini.

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