Have I Got a Deal For You!

For the past five years I’ve worked from home, something I could never have dreamed of when I started teaching in 1979. As a virtual teacher I needed to set up my work space so I could be productive. After the first year, I’d gained weight from sitting in front of the computer 10-12 hours per day.

I realized I had to make some changes. First, I found ways to be more efficient so that I worked many more 8-10 hour days, with 12 hour days the exception instead of the rule; and then in 2013 I bought a treadmill desk so I could walk while working.

I mostly walked while talking to students on the phone but also when grading work. I could score student submissions and provide feedback unless a student was so far off base that I needed to write a dissertation, in which case I’d let those assessments wait until I was back at a desk and chair.

Treadmill desk - a great birthday gift!
This treadmill desk can be yours for $700!

By working at the treadmill for an hour or two each day, I managed to lose 25 pounds…not bad since I wasn’t looking for extra time to exercise, but instead, finding a way to exercise while working.

Unfortunately, the beloved treadmill desk did not make the cut of items moving with us to the lake. The house is smaller and there really just isn’t a space suitable for this desk.

So, do I have a deal for you!

I’m selling my treadmill desk, and you can be the proud owner. It’s perfect for those who work at home, but it’s also great for walking while reading, checking in on social media, playing games online, listening to the radio or watching TV. And if you have a hard time getting to the gym, you can cancel the membership and walk in your air conditioned home.

Or better yet, you can convince the boss that you’ll be a better employee if you have this desk at work. Maybe you can even share with coworkers so that your employer gets more bang for his buck and healthier employees as a bonus. It’s worth a try!

Asking price: $700

The LifeSpan treadmill is recommended as the best treadmill desk by Consumer Reports.

Interested? Leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook or message me. (Must be able to pick up in Ocala.)

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