Is this really food?

Eating breakfast has been a challenge the past two weeks. Since we are not accustomed to getting up early enough for a 25 minute drive to work, we’ve been more rushed than usual; and since we’ve had so many late nights due to extra events after regular school hours we’ve been getting home late and who’s had time to go to the grocery?

Thursday night we finally started home around 9:00 and since we were running on empty, we stopped at the Kangaroo to fill the gas tank and pick up something for breakfast.


I grabbed a bag of powdered sugar donuts and a gallon of milk. Problem solved.

However, when we opened the bag of donuts we noticed the “Expiration Date” listed on the flap. July 03, 2015? Really? Five weeks? How can donuts be good that long? Can they be considered food?

We ate the Donettes, but it may be time to start eating real food again.

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