Free Speech Wall

It may not be as impressive as the Jefferson Memorial perched on the tidal basin in Washington, D.C., but the Free Speech Monument located in Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of Thomas Jefferson provides another fitting salute to one of our Founding Fathers.

imageWIth chalk provided, it’s hard to resist the temptation to write or draw something on the two-sided, 54 foot long slate wall.

On the day we wrote on the wall there were “words of wisdom” like:

Register to vote.

Don’t bite hamsters!

Have courage.

As well as lots of hearts, peace symbols, and people’s names. I didn’t see anything profound, but who

doesn’t love to write on a chalkboard. And I’m sure that on occasion more thought provoking messages appear.


Upon our return to the wall later that evening, we discovered that all messages had been erased as part of the weekly cleaning so of course new messages were scrawled on the wall.



And since this was the night before Steve and Katie’s wedding, Meghan added their hashtag:




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