There’s a Pass for That

Love Florida State Parks? There’s a pass for that.

Love Disney? There’s a pass for that.

Love National Parks? There’s a pass for that.

Love Botanical Gardens? There’s a pass for that, too.


Why buy an annual pass?

  • Unlimited admissions.
  • Discounts on purchases.
  • Free parking.
  • Newsletters or magazines.
  • Access to special events or extended hours.
  • Save money on frequent visits.

The Florida State Park Pass has been a great investment in adventures throughout the state. At $160 for the family pass up to eight people can be admitted to any state park. Sure, the admission to many state parks is about $5 a carload, so at that rate, we need to visit 32 parks to get our money’s worth, but that’s been easy and we don’t hesitate to drive through a park to check it out for a future visit. And since there are 161 state parks, there are plenty of opportunities to use it.

One of the best bargains is the Marion County Park Pass. At only $35 for county residents, we have unlimited access to the county parks and with the cost of one visit $7, this is a deal.

The third pass we have is one for Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. We’ve gotten our money’s worth on trips to that one garden, but as a member of the American Horticultural Society, this pass can be used at over 300 gardens nationwide with seventeen sites in the state including Harry P. Leu Gardens in Winter Park, which we visited in January. We can even use it in Victoria, British Columbia this summer.

Take advantage of annual passes to county, state or national parks. Take the plunge and purchase a pass for a theme park and enjoy the concerts and special events. An annual pass is a great way to encourage you to get out of the house and have some fun. Hope you’ll find the one right for you and enjoy.





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