I remember Mr. Hale, my high school math teacher, chuckling every he’d say, “Pie are square. Cake are round.”His attempt at a little math humor.

I’m not sure he’d approve of the cake I baked yesterday for John’s birthday. His joke doesn’t work when cake are square.


However, I do think Mr. Hale would have been excited about celebrating Pi Day this year. Not only is today 3.14, the value of Pi to two decimal places; but it’s 3.14.15 and that’s the value of Pi to four decimal places. That makes this year’s Pi Day a once in a century event!


I’ll be wearing my Pi shirt letting the world know I’m a math geek. Always looking for patterns, especially in dates:

  • Last week 3.5.15 (3×5=15)
  • Last Thursday 3.12.15 (3+12=15)
  • Wishing Emily and Brian could have married three days later on 11.12.13; but Tuesday’s not a good day for a wedding.
  • Family birthdays and anniversaries on 2.4 and 5.10 and 6.12 and 9.18 and 10.20 and 11.22.

And I always wore a uniform with the number 4 or 9 or 16, a perfect square.

So on this uniquely irrational day, play a game of 24 and eat a little pie. Mine will be pizza pie to go with my square cake.


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