Grab a Bag

You may have seen pictures I’ve posted recently of bags of clothes, books, videos, and trash I’ve discarded as part of a forty day Lenten practice. This started when a friend posted a message on Facebook…I am ready for some decrapifying…with a picture of a black garbage bag.

Martha participated in #40BagsIn40Days last year during Lent and said it really changed her so she was coming back for round two this year and would be posting daily pictures on Instagram to track her progress. Instantly motivated by the idea, I took the challenge and started collecting a bag of things to donate or discard each day.

Today will be day 17 of decrapifying, and it’s been wonderful to see the difference a single bag and a few minutes each day can make.

Bags of books donated to the Friends of the Library.


Bags of papers removed from file cabinets for shredding.


Bags of clothes donated.

Organized desk drawers, bathroom drawers as well as drawers of clothes.


So while it’s too late to start this project for Lent, it’s not to late to fill a bag with things you no longer need or want. Grab a bag and get started.

Clean cupboards. Clean your closet. Clean the trunk of your car. Clean your purse. Clean the refrigerator.

But take it easy! The beauty of #40BagsIn40Days is a task broken into small manageable parts. Better to fill one bag a day than burn yourself out with a dozen bags in a single day. When you fill the bag, quit for the day. There will be more to do tomorrow. Make the rules fit your needs. I’m filling a bag every day, and that’s keeping me motivated, but set a different schedule if that works better for you.

Grab a bag. Fill it. Discard or donate. You’ll love the way decrapifying makes you feel.



And remember, getting rid of stuff is NOT an excuse to buy more things for your newly found space.

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