Let Someone Carry Your Bags

It may seem completely ridiculous to have the person who bags your groceries accompany you to your car carrying one or two bags that you can easily carry yourself, but if you are shopping alone, I think you should set aside your “I don’t need help” attitude, and allow the store employee to walk with you to your car.

I know I rarely ask for help from the bagger. I’m perfectly capable of taking my bags to the car, but with stories about purse snatchings and an increasing number of people approaching shoppers in the parking lot with stories of broken down vehicles, the need for gas money, and other requests for cash, being accompanied by an employee from the store should discourage strangers from approaching you.

Stores don’t want you to be accosted on your way to your car. By allowing their employees to walk with you to your vehicle, you’re also providing an opportunity for them to survey the area and report any suspicious activity to the management to protect the safety of their customers.

Be a little less self reliant and let someone carry your bags to the car. It really is a matter of safety.



As a bonus, the shopping carts will be returned to the store and maybe you’ll even stimulate job growth!


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