Collect – My New Favorite App

I’ve been looking for an app which is both a journal and a way to collect photos, and I think I’ve found it. Collect – Photo Journal is a great way to collect a photo everyday and write a brief description of the event. It’s a quick and easy diary on my phone.

After opening the app, you just click on the date and you get the option to either take a photo or open your photo library. If you decide to open the photo library, it opens to the pictures on your camera that were taken on the date selected on the calendar. Then it’s as simple as selecting the image to use. Add a title of up to 115 characters and if desired add tags to provide an easy way to group and find related pictures, and you can even add more detailed notes about an event.


Of course, there are in app purchases that can be made to create videos from the daily photos or a creative pack to add designs and fonts and collages. I haven’t tried any of these features since I’d have to part with $1.99.

Collect would also be an effective way of participating in the Grateful 365 Project, a way to collect a photo and reflect on something positive every day.

Looking for a way to collect and organize your photos? Try Collect.










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    1. Apparently it’s only compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple products. 🙁 I didn’t notice that when I downloaded the app and wrote about it.

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