Don’t Put Soda in the Freezer

I’m more than a couple of hours behind schedule on posting today. I could blame wedding clean up, and that would be partially true, but the time spent cleaning the freezer is what really put me behind schedule.

Yesterday afternoon, in an effort to have an icy cold Coke with my lunch, I placed four cans of soda in the freezer when Emily placed an order for pizza. When she brought our lunch upstairs, John followed with a two liter bottle of Coke from downstairs, one of the wedding leftovers; and I immediately forgot about those cans.

Well when I opened the freezer this morning to fill a glass with ice, frozen, slushy, sticky, brown covered the freezer. Fortunately, John remembered the words from Sarah’s and Daniel’s wedding, “Love is patient, love is kind…” because without a word of admonishment, the two of us removed all of the food, ice, and drawers in the freezer and spent the next hour cleaning up my mess.


On the bright side, the freezer sparkles and the freezer burned meat and expired slushy mix has been discarded.

This is not the first time I’ve let drinks explode in the freezer. I know better than to put cans or worse yet bottles of drinks in there, but I do love COLD Coke.

So I hope you can learn from me instead of dealing with the aftermath of soda explosion, don’t put soda in the freezer.




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