Take a Deep Breath…and Bring Headphones

Traveling brings great joy, but also many headaches, especially when it comes to airline travel. With delayed flights, lost luggage, TSA security checks and cramped space you can’t help but wonder if it’s really worth it.

To make matters worse, just last week on our flight to Richmond, I felt like my seat was in a playpen. I was completely surrounded by babies. A crying baby in front of me. A crying baby behind me. A crying baby across the aisle from me. Not exactly the way to start a vacation.

Fortunately, the crying chorus didn’t last long; and with earbuds in place listening to the podcast I’d downloading for the flight, the noises in the plane, even those from the babies were muffled and not a problem.

If you want to travel, focus on the what lies ahead when you get off the plane. Be thankful you’re surrounding by crying babies instead of traveling with them.

Airplane survival kit
Airplane survival kit

Take a deep breath…plug in your headphones.




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