Don’t Obsess Over the Weather

Last Sunday night shortly before I was heading to bed, John asked if I’d looked at the weather forecast for the wedding day.

“No,” I answered. “The wedding’s almost two weeks away. It’s too early to worry about the weather.”

He proceeded to tell me that the forecast was available, and that he was looking at it. “Do you want me to tell you what it says?” he asked.

“I guess.”

“Well there’s some good news. It’s not going to be freezing. Lows in the 40s. But there’s an 80% chance of rain.”

“Why did you tell me that? I’d rather have cold than rain. The reception’s outside. We don’t need rain.”

He went on to say that it should be clear by 7:00 after a full day of rain. What good is that? Everything will be wet and muddy by then. I repeated my earlier declaration, “It’s too early to check the weather.”


Then Monday morning Sarah called to say Daniel had been checking the weather the night before and it sounded like they’d had a very similar conversation.

I stately emphatically, “It’s too early to check the weather. They’re lucky to predict the weather tomorrow, much less two weeks out.”

If Daniel and John feel the need to check the weather, they should share it with each other. Leave us out of the discussion of rain, wind, and cold temperatures.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing we can do about the weather. I’ve planned for cold…heaters, fire pits, coffee and cocoa, blankets, pashmina scarves.  After all, it’s the heart of winter. I’ve planned for rain…tent, garage, umbrellas; but this is the dry season in Florida. We aren’t suppose to have heavy rains and thunder and lightning. And if we do, I’m sure those who forecast the weather have no clue it’s coming.

I’m convinced they use a dart board to make their long range forecasts and a week ago, the dart of a meteorologist somewhere hit the thunderstorm section of the dart board.

I’m not going to panic. I have no faith in these forecasts. I’ve eliminated blizzard and hurricane from the forecast possibilities next weekend, but we’ll be ready for whatever else may come; but I won’t be obsessively checking the weather apps on my phone or tuning in to the weather forecast on TV.

We can’t change it so don’t obsess over the weather forecast.



And by the way, by last Monday, the forecast said the chance of rain on the 14th is 0%. Told you they use a dart board!

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