Set the Reset Button

It’s Monday, a good day to hit the reset button.

Super Bowl weekend derails many people’s New Year’s Resolutions relating to healthy eating, but it shouldn’t be a reason to give up on your plan. Instead, simply let Monday be the day to  get back on track.

According to Brian Wansink, of Cornell University, “What predicts long term weight loss isn’t what happened over the weekend, it’s what happens Monday through Friday.” That’s good news…sensible eating starts again today.

Since Monday is already the most popular day to start a new habit, let’s make the most of it.

Eat too much? Drink too much? Spend too much? It’s a good day to modify your diet or start exercising or make a spending plan or schedule a medical appointment. You can start over on anything or any day, but Monday’s a good place to start.

My FitBit’s charged, the treadmill is calling my name, and there’s healthy food in the fridge. It’s a good day to focus on goals, just hit the reset button.



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