Too Many Choices

What is it with these crazy new Freestyle Coke machines at restaurants? It’s bad enough that when you order a drink, you’re handed a cup and told to get it yourself, but these new machines make the process of getting a drink much too time consuming.

Not only are there 23 choices on the main screen, but once you make the initial selection another screen appears so more flavors can be selected: Coke, Cherry Coke, Raspberry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Vanilla Coke, Lime Coke, Orange Coke

IMG_6046Really? Who needs that many choices?

And of course, every child has to create his or her own drink. A squirt of cherry coke, two squirts of Fanta orange, another squirt of Sprite, a little Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper. I can’t imagine they really drink this concoction. And while they have fun creating a unique drink, there has to be a better way for kids to have fun without creating a backup at the soda machine.

Did you know there’s even an app for the Freestyle machine so consumers can create, name, and share their creations? Do we really need to encourage seven-year-olds to become mixologists?


Unfortunately, even water’s dispensed in the Freestyle machine so there’s no way around it. Please, can you just hand me a can of soda or a bottle of water?

5 thoughts on “Too Many Choices

  1. You sound so old! I’m sure they said the same thing a generation ago, “Whole milk, 2%, 1%, skim…what’s with all the choices? Why can’t I get it straight from the cow?”

  2. I love the new machine! I do however agree with you about waiting. If there is a person who has no clue or a line of people who have no clue, it takes too long! 🙂

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