Be Like Granny

Granny loved her jewelry. She loved bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces; and she enjoyed wearing it. Today I want to encourage you to be like Granny by wearing your jewelry as well.

Whether it was a ring made from the sapphires she mined in North Carolina or diamond earrings, Granny wore her jewelry to work, to meetings, to church, and just around the house. I heard her say she felt naked without any jewelry. In fact, one time we flew down to visit Granny for the weekend and were driving to Lighthouse Point to visit my parents when she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to put on her earrings. She insisted that we stop at the mall on the way so she could buy a pair of earrings. I assured her that my parents would not notice if she wasn’t wearing earrings, but  she wouldn’t be comfortable without them so we stopped at the Pompano Fashion Square a couple of miles from my parent’s house so she could purchase a pair of gold earrings; and she was right. She immediately became more relaxed as soon as she put them on.

If you look back at pictures of Granny you’ll notice she’s always wearing a necklace…usually a gold chain but sometimes one with a stone or pearls. Even when she moved into an assisted living facility Granny wore her jewelry. She greeted us on every visit not only adorned in her standard jewelry but with additional pins. It brought her great joy everyday.


Many people suggested that we not let her keep it when she moved…warning it would be lost or stolen; and they were right. Eventually she was no longer able to put in the earrings and they eventually disappeared. Later other pieces were missing, but we weren’t about to take it from her. Remember, she told us years earlier that she felt naked without it. We knew she was more relaxed and confident when she wore her jewelry. Moving out of her home was the time she most needed the security of a gold chain.

I know there are risks when you wear gold or silver or pearls or diamonds in public; but why buy jewelry if you don’t wear it? Wear it to work. Wear it on a date. Wear it when shopping. Wear it around the house. Of course, you need to take it off when you sleep or shower or swim or exercise but wear your jewelry often.

I haven’t always done this, but my Granny was a lot like your Granny in this respect. She too wore her jewelry…a diamond necklace…everyday. She wore it even though she spent most days at home where no one saw it simply because she enjoyed it; and I’ve let that necklace sit in the jewelry box for safe keeping for more than thirty years. Yes, it’s safe; but no one has seen it or enjoyed it. That doesn’t make sense.

In remembrance of Granny I’d like for you to proudly wear your jewelry tomorrow on the third anniversary of her death. Wear the good stuff and maybe you’ll decide to wear it more often…not just on special occasions but just because.

Don’t stash away your favorite jewelry in a jewelry box or safe. Enjoy it. Wear it. Be like Granny.



5 thoughts on “Be Like Granny

  1. I’ll be wearing my jewelry! I loved this about Granny, and is something that I’ve set as “resolutions” before. I have so much jewelry, a lot of cheap fun stuff, but also se really nice pieces, and out of laziness they get left behind when I’m getting ready. These days, I’ve put effort in accessorizig with my jewelry, and one of my favorite gifts to receive is jewelry since I get to carry that gift and important memories with me everytime I wear it. Thank you for the reminder, and I can’t wait to pick out the perfect jewelry to wear tomorrow.

  2. I would like to go on record as the individual that filled the bucket with North Carolina mud that contained her favorite sapphire. It was always her dream to find a gem worthy of mounting when mining in North Carolina. I do not know if it was her love of jewels, the excitement of the hunt, or the mindless relaxation of sifting through mud that led my mother to gem hunting. Whatever the reason, my mother loved that sapphire ring that came from that bucket of mud!

  3. I always loved how Granny and Aunt Jackie wore big rings. No matter what the occasion, you could guarantee to spot a gem on their hands.

    Now that I’m older, I seem to have found more appreciation for Granny’s fashion sense!

  4. A few weeks ago I was in a rush when I was leaving for work. In my hurry I forgot to put on any jewelry. I got half way to work before I realized. I seriously considered going back home to grab it. I decided against it because it would’ve made me late. However, it did make me laugh and think of Granny.

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