It’s Opposite Day

IMG_6004Who knew there really was an Opposite Day? I remember days being declared as Opposite Day from my days in elementary school so the thought of January 25 being designated as a day to celebrate the nonsense that comes with Opposite Day can only bring a smile to my face.


It’s been described as a day to do the opposite of what’s usually done:

Eat breakfast for dinner


Read from the opposite direction


Eat dessert first


Wear summer clothes in the middle of winter (not that it would be a problem here in Florida)


Brush your teeth with your toothbrush in the opposite hand

Of course, you can just talk like the kids I knew who declared the day to be Opposite Day by adding the phrase…if it were opposite day…at the end of the sentence.

I’m looking forward to a little dessert just before eating pancakes for dinner!


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