Bike Trail Land Bridge

IMG_5705.JPGIt’s hard to believe I’d never been to the Land Bridge Trail Head on the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway until last week. Especially since when driving south on I-75, I’ve been saying I want to go out to the Land Bridge since the day it opened. I know that’s been more than 10 years!

IMG_5714.JPGWhile the trail wasn’t paved, a usual requirement, it was hard packed, wide, and shady, with few roots or other obstacles. The round trip ride was relatively short, only about six miles, but it was enjoyable and gave us a preview of what to expect on the other trails in this network.

I even surprised John when I told him I wanted to try the Blue Loop back to the trail head. The Blue Loop’s a single track trail, and that’s not the type of riding I usually like. This turned out to be a good decision. We rode along the narrow trail without a hitch. It had few roots, stumps, rocks, or other obstructions, and I only missed a couple of turns. Now I know that I can ride other moderate difficulty, “blue” trails on the Cross Florida Greenway.

IMG_5821.JPGHaving successfully ridden the single track trail back to the Land Bridge Trail Head, next time we’ll ride the 49th Avenue Trail.



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