Quotes of the Week

I can’t remember when I’ve heard or seen so many quotes that made my scramble for paper and pencil. I thought I’d share what I thought were the best quotes of the week.

From Danielle Belton, editor at large of Clutch Magazine, in an interview on the NPR program, Tell Me More, in response to the Beyonce interview with Oprah this week:

I always think if my parents had been more Joe Jackson like and instead of like giving me books and saying you’re going to go to college…wait…you can sing, and write, and dance. We’ll slap some tap shoes on you and you’re going to make us some money.

Maybe I’d be in her situation.

Major General John Borling, author of Taps on the Wall: Poems from the Hanoi Hilton when asked by Bob Edwards about how he and the other prisoners of war coped with their situation:

Some of the guys were pessimists. They thought we were going to be killed and that they wouldn’t return our bodies to our families; but some of us were optimists. We thought they’d return our bodies after they killed us.

When I heard this quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte on the radio this week, it reminded me of how much I want those crazy badges on the Lose It app. You’d think losing the weight would be enough:

A person will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.

On the sign in front of First United Methodist Church of Ocala:

Practice Random Acts of Love

A quote from the song Better Together by Jack Johnson spoken by the groom in a wedding video I saw online:

Love is the answer to most of the questions in my heart.


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