Senior Discount?

On January 26th, my college roommate, Barbara, posted the following status update on her Facebook page:

Friend my age and I were given senior citizen tickets at movie theater tonight without asking our ages. We were hoping the age for the discount was 55, but it wasn’t 🙁  Some savings aren’t worth it!


I chuckled when I read this and thought, who cares? You got a break on those overpriced movie tickets.

Well, I’ve changed my mind. John and I went to The Rialto Theater in The Villages on Wednesday to see Zero Dark Thirty and we were given the senior discount. I agree with Barbara. Some savings aren’t worth it!

One of Barbara’s friends commented on her status: Use the money you saved and buy some sexy underwear.

That may be good advice!

3 thoughts on “Senior Discount?

  1. I hope that means they don’t even look at the ticket buyers because they know everyone who lives there qualifies for the discount!

  2. I saw this status and almost commented about the discount. I scramble around and will do anything for a good discount, but I guess I can understand the disappointment.

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