A Dessert for Every Person

On Rachel Ray’s two day Thanksgiving show, she provided tips on everything relating to preparing the feast. Can you believe that one of the tips was to prepare just enough dessert for one piece per person? And to fix only one, maybe two desserts. The suggestion…two pies…one pumpkin and one apple.


That doesn’t work in our family! If we were to make a dessert preparation guide, I think it would be make one dessert per person. Not one piece per person, one whole dessert per person!

Pumpkin pie

IMG_4410.JPGCherry pie

IMG_4412.JPGLemon meringue pie


Cheese cake

IMG_4414.JPGOrange cranberry pound cake

IMG_4390.JPGPraline pound cake

IMG_4388.JPG Brownies, cookies, candied pecans, and Rice Krispie treats

And an apology from my mom that she didn’t bring and fudge or sweet treatsthis year. I don’t think we needed them!


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