Thanksgiving’s Going to the Dogs

After we abandoned the family last year for a getaway to New York, we assured all that we would be home this year and that everyone should plan on spending Thanksgiving at our house. With the exception of one daughter and one nephew our invitation has been accepted.

We’ll spend the day making final preparations for a family gathering of 26…parents, siblings, daughters and their husbands, nieces, nephews, their significant others and one grand nephew. It’ll be a full house.

A homesick Willis on day 1.

But in addition to the crowd of people, we have three dogs that have accepted the invite as well. Sarah and Daniel won’t be joining us as they travel to D.C. to spend the holiday with Daniel’s brother, but they sent their dog Willis so they’ll be represented at the table. In fact, Willis will be staying for eight days and has been a house guest since last Sunday.

He’s a little skittish around John preferring to sit on my feet or hang by my side. Funny…I’m not the dog person in the family. Of course, a little cheese goes a long way to building a relationship with a dog.

Later today Willis’ buddy Luna arrives so they can play and compete for attention.

luna These two know how to spend a holiday!

And this year they’ll meet the newest member of their canine family, Matt’s dog, Willie.


Thanksgiving has definitely gone to the dogs!

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