Delivering Treasures to the Next Generation

We’ve started downsizing and fortunately, our daughters appreciate many of the family treasures. One dining table and chairs furnishes Meghan’s house and a second dining room set occupies a place of honor in Emily’s dining room. Now it’s time for Sarah to add a family heirloom to her house.


We’ve unloaded crystal, china, and a beautiful hot chocolate set from my great grandmother’s china cabinet that’s been in our dining room for over thirty years. This weekend we’ll rent a trailer from Uhaul and deliver this one hundred year old treasure to Sarah, passing down a piece of furniture that connects her to her family.

The next challenge will be finding homes for sherbet glasses, cordials, sherry glasses and wine glasses. I can’t help but wonder why my great grandmother had such a collection of crystal. Living on a farm, I can’t imagine any of these pieces were ever used, but instead brought pleasure as she walked through her dining room past her cabinet of treasures.

Maybe it’s time to find a way to dust off these rarely used pieces and put them to use.

5 thoughts on “Delivering Treasures to the Next Generation

  1. These pieces look so familiar. We just downsized, moving from a 4 bedroom plus pool house to a darling two bedroom that we bought FURNISHED! Fortunately my daughter-in-law organized a garage sale for every day things, and she and my son are now guardians of the family heirlooms. I hated to give them up but it was time. Just a hint: I have had good success with some nicer pieces of furniture that I have at Carriage Trade Consignments on Silver Springs Boulevard.

  2. Believe it our not, most of these items were actually used every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas when Granny Ellwanger cooked her famous “Holiday Feasts”. I’m ashamed to admit that as a young girl I didn’t appreciate the beautiful table she would set, with most items from that very same china cabinet. I remember eating those dinners on her beautiful China, lime or orange sherbet from her beautiful sherbets, and watching the adults drink their wine from the wine glasses. Most of those items, including the china cabinet, were handed down to her from her mother, my Great Grandma Humphrey, whom I never knew. I am thrilled that they are being handed down to our grandchildren!

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