TBT Lesson #24

As we drove through Blountstown last Friday afternoon, we were greeted by law enforcement officers stationed at the city line. Of course, I thought we’d entered another small town speed trap. But then I noticed children sitting on the curbs and adults in lawn chairs in front of the local businesses along both Central Avenue (SR 20) and Main Street (SR 71).

Blountstown was preparing for an old-fashioned homecoming parade, like the ones we looked forward to every year when I was a student at Pompano Beach High School in the 1970s. I thought these parades were a thing of the past so it was good to see a community invested in their high school and ready to celebrate.

I dug out my Beanpicker, our high school year book and found this picture of the band float from the homecoming parade in 1975. Go Tornadoes!

floatTBT Lesson#24: Make time for homecoming and high school fun. After all, you’re only young once.

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