More Outdoor Sculpture on the Way

Sculptures have brightened Tuscawilla Park in an effort to get citizens to Re-Discover Tuscawilla.

Ten pieces of art have encouraged walkers to investigate all corners of the park.


An audio tour was available using cell phones as well as a scavenger hunt.

IMG_0015My favorite sculpture was also the one chosen as Best in Show. Sarah’s interaction with Lofted, by John Gamache, illustrates why this piece is so much fun.


The pieces left the park on September 21st to prepare for round two of the event. If you missed the 2013-2014 Outdoor Sculpture Competition, make plans to visit the park and enjoy the 2014-2015 competition.
The newly installed sculptures will be unveiled on Friday, October 17th during a VIP Sculpture Reception (tickets available at the Discovery Center) or wait until later in the month to take an art walk in the park.


2 thoughts on “More Outdoor Sculpture on the Way

    1. I can’t believe I almost missed it! I love public art, but I don’t think this was very well advertised. Hoping to go to Tuscawilla later this month to catch the next exhibit early.

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