TBT Lesson #16

What possessed John to shave his head? A good cause…to encourage the students at Oakcrest Elementary School to read.

The challenge: The principal will shave his head if a reading goal was achieved.

Of course, that was the perfect motivation. Goal achieved. Head shaved. Local television station filmed the event for the 6:00 news. (Obviously, the Gainesville station. Orlando doesn’t cover the really big news from Ocala.)

photoTBT Lesson: (And there are many!)

  1. Tell your wife you plan to shave your head so she doesn’t find out by watching the news.
  2. Don’t agree to shave your head only a few days before family pictures are scheduled for the church directory.
  3. Make sure it’s for a good cause because your hair may not grow back as you remembered it. In John’s case, it came back gray; and if you remember, it was a shaved head that preceded Matt Lauer’s baldness.
  4. Choose a barber that doesn’t moonlight giving haircuts to corpses.


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