Barbara…look familiar?

In April 1977, my college roommate Barbara and another friend, Jill joined me for a Spring Break trip to South Florida. I don’t remember if Jill had been to Florida before, but Barbara hadn’t been out of her home state of North Carolina (with the exception of Myrtle Beach) until she accompanied me on trips home from Western Carolina University.

So I really shouldn’t have been surprised when she was excited by the pretty blue bubble floating next to her in Biscayne Bay. As John was maneuvering his Hobie Cat to pickup Barbara from the middle of the bay after she flew off the trapeze of the boat, he started yelling to Barbara to stay away from the blue bubble…don’t touch it…it’s a Portuguese Man-of-War…it will sting.

So yesterday, 40 years later, when we encountered more of those blue bubbles, this time on Flagler Beach, John and I enjoyed reminiscing about the first time he took me sailing.

I’m glad Portuguese Man-of-War washed up on the beach today to bring back memories, but I didn’t touch those beautiful blue bubbles…they really do sting!