My Fitbit is Making me Fat!

After losing nearly thirty pounds in 2013, I enrolled in a class called Fit for Life to maintain my weight loss and to hopefully lose a few pounds that had creeped back. The class included free membership to an exercise facility, group and individual sessions on nutrition, a food scale and a Fitbit.

It's hard to find a picture of me when I'm not wearing my Fitbit.
It’s hard to find a picture of me when I’m not wearing my Fitbit.

I completed the first twelve week session and then moved on to the second continuing with exercise, nutrition classes and the use of the Fitbit.

While I’m no star student when it comes to meeting the daily goal of achieving 10,000 steps per day, I haven’t done too poorly. According to the badges I’ve earned, I’ve walked over 1,600 miles in total and have trudged up and down 50 flights of stairs in a single day. On two occasions I’ve pounded out more than 25,000 steps.

So when I heard reports this week on NPR and then on CBS that studies have found users of fitness bands have complained about weight gain, I searched for more information on this topic. And sure enough, I found articles with the following titles:

Fitness Trackers Didn’t Help People Lose Weight

Activity Trackers May Undermine Weight Loss Efforts

Fitness Trackers Don’t Help You Lose Weight, After All

Fitbit: Friend or Foe? Is your tracker hindering your weight loss efforts?

Wearable activity trackers may not boost weight loss

How Trackers Can Sabotage Weight Loss

I’ve complained not only about my inability to lose weight, but my inability to stop gaining weight in the past several months. I’ve talked about cutting out sweets and ending my love affair with soda. Eating out, snacking and big breakfasts have also been on the chopping block to get my weight under control.


So I’m elated to know that it’s the Fitbit! I’ll bury it deep in a drawer and I’m sure the pounds will disappear.