Enjoying Junk Mail

For some reason email from my daughter is no longer being delivered to my inbox. A scavenger hunt is required In order to find messages from Meghan.

While this is irritating, it has also resulted in some laughs while searching my Junk Mail. Apparently, I’ve missed many get rich opportunities. I found messages about inheritances, settlements and wire transfers.


Many emails express concern about my health with offers to reverse diabetes, whiten my teeth and regrow hair.


But the ones causing the most laughs ask if I want to hook up, warn about infedelity and include potential matches from Match.com.


It even looks like Donald Trump wants to share his secrets to financial success with me.

I’m not sure how all these messages find their way in my email, but I’m glad the junk mail filter keeps them out of my inbox. I just wish it would allow me to receive email from my daughter.

WARNING: If you decide to look for laughs in your Junk Mail, DO NOT click on the messages and risk infecting your computer with a virus – the title and preview provide enough for a laugh.