TBT Lesson #64

This is without a doubt one of the most embarrassing pictures ever taken of me. Can you see the uncomfortable expression on my face? And what an awkward stance. The reason: there isn’t a cheerleading bone in my body.

So why am I dressed in a cheerleading uniform? I wish I could say it was a Halloween costume, but I was a cheerleader for the Lighthouse Point Buccaneers for one very long football season.

New to South Florida, I was convinced that cheerleading would open the door to a new group of friends, but I was wrong again. I’m not sure if the season was more miserable for me or my mom. ( I think they made her “volunteer ” to help with the squad in order for me to be able to participate.)


TBT Lesson #64: Be yourself. Don’t become a cheerleader or join a group to fit in or look for friends.