TBT Lesson #55

I can only remember two times when we had family pictures taken. The first time, I was a freshman in high school, and we had been in Florida, away from family for about five years. A family picture would be a way for us to let everyone in Indiana know that we were all indeed alive and well.

We had recently bought a house in Lighthouse Point so a photographer came to our house to document our family in our new home.

I remember my mom telling us we could pick out what we would wear in the picture so long as we wore dress clothes. Of course, my brother didn’t have much choice since he only had one jacket, but my sister and I chose our favorite dresses. The result would have been great if the picture was in black and white, but a blue coat, a brown coat, a yellow dress, a green outfit and a pink dress with us sitting on our yellow couch didn’t make for the best combination.

I’m sure colors were never considered, and I don’t remember anyone mentioning the variety of colors when we received the pictures. We were just happy to have a a family photo.

FullSizeRenderTBT Lesson #55: Coordinate your clothing for a family photograph.

(Glad you can’t see my Dad’s checked pants on the flowered couch. That would have really been too much!)