TBT Lesson #53

After moving to South Florida from Indiana, we thought we’d found paradise when our parents bought a house with a pool. From the first day of summer vacation, we spent nearly every waking hour in the pool.

Of course, spending the day in the pool was also a matter of survival. My parents bought the house with the pool, but it was also the house without air conditioning so at 7:00am when the sun would shine into our bedroom window, my sister and I would roll out of bed and dive into the pool to cool off…but without complaint because of the joy experienced in the pool with family and friends. What could be better than living in the state we’d vacationed in every summer?

Hours of swimming, diving competitions, nerf ball basketball games. We ate in the pool. We drank in the pool. We even slept in the pool on giant rafts since it was cooler than sleeping in the house. Actually buying a house without air conditioning was a pretty smart move. It guaranteed we’d spend our timeĀ  outside instead of hanging out in the house all summer.

CAM02337-1TBT Lesson #53: Jump for joy everyday!