TBT Lesson #41

The shirt I’m wearing in this picture was painted in the ’90s with a 4th grade class learning about the digestive system. I’ll admit painting shirts with twenty-five ten year olds was no easy task and most student shirts didn’t turn out quite this neat, but they knew about the esophagus, liver, intestines and gall bladder and how food traveled through the digestive process.

I only painted these shirts with students once, but I wore this shirt one day every year until 2010, the last year I taught elementary science. Wearing this shirt guaranteed all eyes were on me and all minds were on digestion.

Last Friday I opened my drawer after returning from my appointment for a colonoscopy. How I wish I’d have found it earlier. I’m sure the staff would have enjoyed a patient clad in a hand painted shirt featuring the colon.

IMG_6928TBT Lesson #41: Schedule a colonoscopy or other medical screenings according to the advice of your doctor. Be proactive in monitoring your health.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - Are you 50 or older? Time to get screened